Half Hog Special $235.00

75lb Total Weight

[One Week Advanced Order Please]

6 Pounds Bacon

8 Pork Steaks

1 Loin roast

24 Chops

1 Pork Butt

1 Rack Spare Ribs

1 Smoked Bone-in Ham

2 Country Ribs

18 Pounds Sausage (Mix or Match the following)

Brats, Italian (Mild or Hot), Polish, Chorizo

Lean, Mild, Southern, Western Sage

Lean Ground Pork or Pork Beef Blend



Fresh Pork

Loin Chops  4.49lb

Pan Fry chops  4.29lb

Iowa Cut Chops  4.69lb

Rib Chops  4.29lb

Butterfly Chops  5.49lb

Pork Steaks  3.29lb

Loin End Roast  2.89lb

Fresh Picnic  3.19lb

Pork Butt  3.29lb

Fresh Leg  3.29lb

Stuffed Iowa Chops 6.19lb

Rolled Loin Roast 5.49lb

Spare Ribs  3.69lb

Baby Backs with Loin 5.69lb

Country Ribs  3.19lb

Boneless Country Ribs 3.99lb

Fresh side  3.99lb

Fresh Hock  2.89lb

Stuffed Pork Loin 6.19lb


Fresh Sausage

Lean & Mild  4.19lb

Southern Style  4.19lb

Western Sage  4.19lb

Lean & Mild Links 5.39lb

Southern Style Links 5.39lb

Western Sage Links 5.39lb

Lean Ground Pork 4.19lb

Bratwurst  4.69lb

Mild Italian  4.69lb

Hot Italian  4.69lb

Chorizo   4.69lb

Fresh Polish  4.69lb

Pork Beef Blend 4.69lb

Hot Italian Links  4.69lb

Mild Italian  4.69lb




Gourmet Fresh Sausage


Apple Cinnamon Links

Green Chili Sausage Bulk

Jalapeño Sausage Bulk

Maple Syrup Sausage Bulk

Maple Syrup Links

Tomato Basil Ring

Provolone Ring

Parmesan Ring

English Bangers

Gourmet Bratwurst 5.49lb

Fat Tire Beer

Cheddar | Jalapeño

Jalapeño & Cheddar

Green Chili | Curry Wurst

Pizza | Bacon

World Famous Bacon

Hickory smoked Bacon   6.49lb

Kansas City Style Bacon  6.49lb

Pepper Cured Bacon   6.99lb

Canadian Bacon   7.49lb

Tuscan Bacon    7.09lb

Jalapeño Bacon    7.09lb

BBQ Bacon    7.09lb

Pancetta    9.29lb

Keto, Nitrate Free    9.99


Smoked Meats

Dried Beef   7.49lb

Bacon Ends   3.49lb

Smoked Hocks   3.59lb

Smoked Boneless Butt  6.49lb

Smoked Pork Chops  6.49lb

Ham Ends   3.49lb

Capicola  7.49lb


Smoked Sausage

Mild Summer Sausage   5.49lb

Hot Summer Sausage   5.49lb

Wisconsin Style Summer Sausage 5.49lb

Arizona Summer Sausage  5.99lb

Smoked Brats    5.19lb

Whiskey Cherry Brats   5.59lb

Smoked Polish Sausage  5.19lb

Minnesota Smoked Sausage  5.19lb

Old Fashion Hot Dogs   5.19lb

Braunschwieger  Liverwurst  5.19lb

Ring Bologna    5.19lb

Green Chili Smoked Sausage  5.59lb

German Garlic Sausage   5.19lb

Smoked Andouille   5.19lb

Smoked Apple Pecan   5.59lb

Green Chili Summer Sausage  5.59lb

Apple Pecan Summer Sausage  5.59lb

Portuguese Linguica   5.19lb

Heat & Serve Brats   4.79lb

Louisiana Hot Links   4.79lb

Big Dogs   4.79lb


Lunch Meats

Garlic Bologna    5.99lb

Farmers Bologna   5.99lb

Lebanon Bologna   5.99lb

Jalapeño Bologna   5.99lb

Honey Bologna    5.99lb

Hot Bologna     6.29lb

Jalapeño Cream Cheese Bologna 7.29lb

Kung Fu Bologna   6.29lb

Cotto Salami    6.29lb

Hard Salami    6.29lb

Italian Salami    6.29lb

Russian Salami    6.29lb

Beirwurst    6.29lb

Pepperoni    6.29lb

Flat Ham (Sandwich Ham)  6.09lb



Snack Sticks

Pepper     7.49lb

Snack     7.49lb

Sun Devil    7.49lb

Jalapeño Cream Cheese  7.99lb

Teriyaki     7.49lb

Arizona     7.99lb

Green Chili    7.99lb

Apple Pecan    7.99lb



Whole Bone in Ham  18-20lb  3.49lb

Whole Hock Off Ham  12-16lb  3.99lb

Half Bone-in Ham    8-10lb  4.59lb

Whole Boneless Ham 10-14lb  4.79lb

Half Boneless Ham     5-8lb  5.39lb

Center Sliced Bone-in Ham  5.59lb

Center Sliced Boneless Ham  5.79lb

Flat Ham (Sandwich Ham)  6.09lb

Garlic Pepper Ham 7.49lb




Pulled Pork    7.29lb

Smoked Ribs    7.29lb

Beef Brisket    8.59lb

Smokey Pepper Bacon Beans    3.59lb

BBQ Pork Freezer Bags 7.29lb

Green Chili Burrito 4.00ea

BBQ Pork Burrito 4.00ea


Other Stuff

Smoked Turkey 3.49

Green Chili Salsa 6.50

BBQ Sauce 4.50

BBQ Rub 5.00