The Pork Shop Deli Meats

Are Mind Blowing!

(This is the part where you hold your hands to your head and make an explosion sound)

You just did it...Didn't you!


Deli Meats

Garlic Bologna    5.99lb

Farmers Bologna   5.99lb

Lebanon Bologna   5.99lb

Jalapeño Bologna   5.99lb

Honey Bologna    5.99lb

Hot Bologna     6.29lb

Jalapeño Cream Cheese Bologna 7.29lb

Kung Fu Bologna   6.29lb

Cotto Salami    6.29lb

Hard Salami    6.29lb

Italian Salami    6.29lb

Russian Salami    6.29lb

Beirwurst    6.29lb

Pepperoni    6.29lb

Flat Ham (Sandwich Ham)  5.79lb